TESTIMONIALS on Google and below:

Alex worked patiently and tirelessly on finding the right home for us. He was flexible in working to accommodate our hectic schedule and changing desires. This was important to us being from out of town as we could only travel for viewings on specific dates.

He always treated us with respect and like we were part of the family!

We now have the a unit in the building and location that we preferred.

Thanks Alex for a job well done! 
The Welsh’s

Dear Alex Mozaffarian,

The real estate market for buying or renting can be very confusing and time consuming. We were very fortunate to have met Alex Mozaffarian to help us with what we were looking for.  His professionalism and attention to our needs was incredible and beyond what we were used to with other Realtors. We highly recommend Alex to anyone who is looking in Vancouver! You will be very happy with your decision!


James Coleridge

Alex is a capable property manager who always treated us with respect, and when needed, he could be counted on to go the extra mile.  Last year, my wife's purse was stolen while I was away on business.  Of course, her wallet, phone, and all of her keys went with it.  We called Alex and within a day he had all of her keys and fobs replaced, and the locks turned on the unit.  He even offered to pay the replacement fees (though we reimbursed him once I got back in town.  He came through for us and helped smooth out a very stressful situation.

Adam D.

Alex Mozaffarian & Barbra
We certainly appreciate all your hard work,and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asks.. Who knows, if my daughter decides to return to Vancuover after Holland, we may be doing buisness again. Hope to see both of you in the future.
All the best
Bob & Maria & Catherine.
To those who are planning to work with Alex and MYBCREALESTATE.COM
I recently Purchased an apartment in North Vancouver and it was such a pleasure dealing with Alex.
Alex has great experience. He is courteous and knowledgeable and went out of his way to explain things to me and made me feel that my business is very important and appreciated. All my questions were answered along with an excellent service and I will back to work with Alex again in the near future!
My special thanks to Alex.
Morteza Ramezanifard
N. Vancouver, B.C.
I have been using Alex's services for the past year, and I am very
glad to have him as my real estate agent . He is very attentive
and pays a lot of attention to details, and he is also very knowledgeable and experienced. I have recommended him to my friends and family.
Thank you Alex for being so patient.
Mardjan Samii
Having both purchased and sold a home in West Vancouver we would like to publicly acknowledge the fabulous work Alex Mozaffarian has done for us. When looking for a home he was quick to provide the relevant listing information we requested, quick to arrange showings and offered sound advice when it came to making our offers. When selling he worked tirelessly, showing our home to many buyers, going far and beyond our expectations. He sold our home in very difficult economic times (2009), while most homes around us in British Properties (with the big name agents) remained unsold. Alex is approachable, understands the marketplace and is sensitive to a broad culture base, demonstrates real integrity and personally works extraordinarily hard to achieve maximum results. We would not hesitate to give him our full endorsement and work with him again.

Ken and Heidi Franz
Dear Alex,

My family and I wanted to thank you for all the great efforts you have made towards finding a nice home for our dear friends who have recently arrived in Canada. The timing was perfect. The price was perfect. The home was perfect. You are the best and we will continue referring you to our friends and we will surely use your services once we are ready to buy or sell as well.

Warm regards and best wishes

Shams Khakzadi
Dear Alex,

Thank you very much for helping us get a great deal on our property and especially for putting so much effort into obtaining all the essential details and information regarding the property. You are a very hardworking and determined realtor and I will most definitely recommend you to any of my friends or family in need of one.

I wish you all the best.

Shahin Shahmirzadi,
West Vancouver.
My name is Safa Kashani, and I am writing this reference note to recommend Alex Mozzaffarian as a professional Real Estate Agent. Alex was my agent towards the purchase of a brand new 2-bdrm condo in North Vancouver. He was a complete professional throughout the entire transaction. He is personable and very punctual. He is also very resourceful and a great communicator. He was also well prepared during showings, and had all the most up-to-date information of properties for sale according to my needs. Alex particularly did an excellent job during negotiations so that I was able to purchase my property below the market value. I thank you for all your help and for a great and smooth transaction. I would like to keep your contact info for potential future business. Thanks and all the best!

Safa Kashani
Dear Alex,

My family and I are very glad to have worked with you on many occasions. We have worked with other realtors, but we never had one who would keep in touch, keep us updated on the market, and help us in making decisions regarding properties. The fact that you are always willing to answer our questions and provide us your professional opinion gives us assurance that you are not just doing business but building long-term relationships with clients. Many thanks for your continued support.

A. Mazanderani & family
Alex had been referred to us May 2008 by a friend who spoke very highly of him. I am very pleased with the work Alex has done for us. Over and over again he has displayed how he has our best interest at heart. He is an extremely caring individual and has treated us like family in terms of placing our interest first while maintaining a very professional manner. He will do everything possible to ensure his clients have great results and are happy. We have already referred Alex to very close friends from out of town who are looking for property in the Lower Mainland. We will be sure to employ Alex’s services in the future.
Linda Munz
Dear Alex,

Thank you for helping us sell our home and buy a new one with ease.  Your attentiveness and care throughout the whole process was such a refreshing change from what we had experienced with realtors before.  You were with us every step of the way as a trusted advisor who really knows Real Estate.

It was a pleasure getting to know you, and we would definitely recommend you to our family and colleagues.

Look forward to working with you again,

S. Mehrafarin, D. Ghassemi
Hi Alex,

Thank you for doing a great job helping us to secure our beautiful new home.

D. & R. Mueller, North Vancouver
Barbara and Alex sold our house in British Properties to our great satisfaction. We called them, because we had seen how hard they worked on the sale of the neighbouring house. We decided to work with them after trying to sell our house with well known agents.
We never regretted this phone call! The selling process was well organized, quick and effective. Their professional knowledge and suggestions worked very well to our advantage. If you need agents who will tirelessly work for YOU, who will be there for YOU 24/7 without hesitation hire Barbara and Alex. Thank you so much Barbara and Alex, we will highly recommend you to our friends as hardworking and trustworthy real estate agents!
Max and Elena Rapoff,
West Vancouver, BC
Dear Alex Mozaffarian,

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help for finding my mother and I an absolutely wonderful place to live in. We know at time we must of make you frustrated but you stood by us and you did not complain. I never seen a realtor as patient as you, as calm as you, and as expert as you. I could not believe in such a hot market you manged to get such a good reduction in price for us. You even helped us move, you are wonderful. What can I say ? I will recommend you to all my friends and family and anytime you like to come for a haircut to my salon you bet is going to be free.

D.A. & J. Saad
Dear Alex:

Hope all is well. I just took possession of my property couple of nights ago. As you know this is my first sizeable investment. I am so excited and so happy that I could hardly sleep since I moved in. It is beautiful , comfortable, fun, .....it is my home and I thank you for it. You knew from the begining what I am looking for and you stayed focused. I know at times I was being difficult but you were so patient with me. Now I can not stop telling my friends about my experience and I am recommending you to all my friends and relatives. I will also contact you once again when I am ready to buy again or sell for a better and bigger property. Thank you for a job well done Alex. You are Great.
J. Khan
It has been a real pleasure to work with Alex  who is a very dedicated, professional, personable and enthusiastic person and who sold my property for a great price a few years ago
He is hard working and honest and always available when needed. I am very pleased  to have met him and I definitely recommend them for anyone looking to sell or buy a property. 

Nathalie Pauletto

Dear Alex and Moe


Wanted to thank you for helping us this past few years:

* always finding great tenants for our rental home, 

* doing all the walkthroughs when a tenant takes over & move out,

* going through the residential tenancy agreements for each tenant,

* always providing us with copies of each document when needed.


Best wishes


The Zakipours

I have known Alex Mozaffarian for 7 years, and have had the opportunity to use his expertise in the real estate business on several occasions. Alex is knowledgeable, dedicated, and always has the best interests of his clients in mind. I would highly recommend Alex as your Realtor.

Maggi Jacks

Pleased to say that in dealing with Alex I realized how patient and honest he is. He is indeed one of the best and kindhearted and respectful realtors who likes to take care of everything in the best way possible. I will absolutely choose him again in my future dealings.

Thanks again Alex

Leyla Ghadimi

The service and personal attention we received from Alex Mozffarian was exceptional and unexpected from a Realtor! He is truly a high-calibre realtor. His knowledge of the local market and their key contacts in the community helped us in our effort to sell our house. After patiently going through listings and explaining tax details with us, he made sure we got the best offer for our previous home and more importantly, the best value purchase for the new one!

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, I would highly recommend Alex Mozaffarian to help you in this life changing move. We could not have asked for a better Realtor to guide us through the process.
Best Wishes
Jalal and Mehrzad Mehr

Alex presented himself in a professional calm manner, most knowledgeable and considerate of our needs. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and guidance. Sincerely we wish you all the success in the future. We are pleased to recommend Alex without hesistation.

Farid & Nazanin M., of  North Shore

向各位推荐Alex & mybcrealestate.com
Alex 从去年开始帮我管理我的公寓出租事务,他真的是个非常负责而且高效的人。通过他的工作,使我的投资得到很好的回报,而且还很省心。所以今年我又把地下室的出租交给他管了。我现在觉得有Alex帮忙真是太好了,这点管理费钱花的太值了!谢谢,Alex. 我再有任何物业投资一定还找你!

Jian Ping Gu

고객이 아닌 가족과 같은 마음으로 항상 맞이하며 복잡한 캐나다 부동산 구매의 많은 절차들을 상세히 그리고 정확히 설명을 해주어서 캐나다에서 처음 집을 장만하는 저로써는 큰 도움이 되었습니다. -

Brian Bae

آشنايى من با جناب آقاى مظفريان به سال گذشته بر ميگرده و زمانى كه ايشون لطف كردن و نمايندگى ما رو در خريد خونه پذيرفتند. البته اين آشنايى به دوستى گرمى تبديل شد كه همچنان ادامه داره. 
در مدت خريد خونه، آقاى مظفريان با اشراف كامل به قوانين و عرف بازار مسكن و در ضمن رعايت انصاف هميشه راهنما و مدافع حقوق قانونى ما بودن و همچنين تلاش كردند كه ما بتونيم بهترين شرايط خريد رو بدست بياريم و ما رو در تمام مسير كاملا همراهى كردند. 
در زمان تحويل هم ايشون بودن كه با سبد گل توى خونه منتظر ما بودند و همچنين كادوى ايشون با برگردوندن بخشى از كميسيون شخصى خودشون به ما واقعا سخاوتمندانه، محبت آميز و فراموش نشدنى بود. 
من تا به حال استفاده از خدمات ايشون رو به تعداد زيادى از دوستانم توصيه كردم و حتما به شما خوانندگان عزيز هم همين توصيه رو خواهم داشت. 
با احترام،

حميد عبدالكريمى
Dear Alex 

Please accept our sincere gratitude for all your guidance in the course of our search to buy a house. Your tireless efforts were exemplary. We surely recommend you to all those who are in search of a reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable Real Estate agent.
Best wishes

Iran and Houchang Zargarpour

آقای مظفریان در دو مورد خرید و فروش ملک در ونکوور به من کمک کرده، و باعث افتخار هست که اینجا چند خطی‌ در مورد تجربه لذت بخشی که داشتم بنویسم. خرید یا فروش ملک بدون شک یکی‌ از بزرگترین تصمیمات مالی‌ هست که در طول زندگی‌ میگیریم و خوشبختانه یا متاسفانه پروسه کاملا متفاوتی در مقایسه با ایران دارد، بسیاری از موارد حقوقی و حقیقی‌ موجود مطالب جدیدی هستند که حتا درصد بالای از کسانیکه مدت‌ها ساکن کانادا هستند هم از آنها آگاهی‌ چندانی ندارد و همه اینها تصمیمگیری و عملکرد را سخت تر میکنند. آقای مظفریان با پشت کار فراوان و صبر زیاد تمام اطلاعاتی‌ که در مورد این تصمیم مهم لازم داشتم را در اختیار من قرار می‌دادند. در یکی‌ از موارد ایشان نه تنها در پروسه خرید، بلکه در پیدا کردن مستاجر مناسب و نوشتن قرار داد اجاره هم کمک‌های بسیار زیاد کردند. ایشان با داشتن تجربه زندگی‌ در شهرهای مختلف ونکوور، شناخت کاملی از بازار ملک و قیمت گذاری زمین دارند و تحلیل‌های شفافی از چگونگی‌ سرمایه گذاری در این زمینه به شما میدهند. روزنامه ماهیانه ایشان حاوی اطلاعات مهمی‌ در مورد تغییرات به روز روند ارزش ملک، پیشبینی‌‌های دقیق حرکتهای بازار و اخبار جدید پیرامون نرخ بهره و وامهای مسکن می‌باشد. اگر در صدد خرید یا فروش ملک در ونکوور هستید و به دنبال شخصی آگاه، دل‌ سوز ، پر انرژی و با اخلاق کاری بالا هستید، حتما توصیه می‌کنم یک جلسه مختصر با آقای مظفریان داشته باشید تا بیشتر با روش کاری و استراتژی‌های مختص به ایشان آشنا شوید

The Saffari family of North Vancouver


James & Nicole Li

Alex and Moe 是一个诚实、可靠、友善并非常有专业经验的地产经纪,他对客户非常的有耐心、热心、及细心。他会以他对地产市场的专业角度帮您分析市场  ,并会给您很到位的建议, 让你得到心目中的收获 。谢谢Alex 。希望今后还会与您继续合作。



West Vancouver

我是一个家庭主了能在里做一些投,也加入了房东的行列。但无论你是房东还是租客,都会遭遇到很多意想不到的情况发生 五年朋友介绍认识Alex Mozaffarian & MYBCREALESTATE.COM。我把手上的一个温哥市中心的两房公寓和西温的一城市屋交他管理并负责出租的事宜。他一直以来都非常尽心地帮我筛选租客,检查租客的信用和工作纪录等。当物现问题时,他是不地帮租客解决。每次在租客解除租房合约后,他都细心地帮我检查物业,安排清洁;并再最短的时间帮我找到下一任的租客。能有他帮我管理物业我真的很放心!

Yvonne Jin, Richmond

Alex is truly a gentleman in every way. He is always polite and attentive, his good manner is as pleasant and perfect as the way he dresses, To work with him, is a real pleasure and an honor. For all the time I have been working with him, I have never seen him lose his gentleman posture, not even once, no matter how bad the customer has treated him, how demanding the customer has been, or how busy he is dealing with customers, his family, his children, all at the same time, needing him. He always treats you as if you were the most and only important person in the world: He will always insist buying you the drink you like(and remember it), waits on line no matter how long it takes, brings it to you, mostly with some pleasant surprising treat, like a small oatmeal cake. And afterwards, he always manages to drop you off at the place you need to be, as long as he can, and never forgets to open the door for you, or give you a very big smile and a huge hug.
All of these seems so frivilous, but life is nothing if it's not frivilous, and the same is true when you need someone to help you buy or manage your property, you'll want someone who knows to take off his shoes before entering your home, you'll want some someone to put a vase on the counter, put your glasses away or at places where children can't reach while showing your home, you'll want someone to check as diligently as a detective to look for any trace of danger and damage while renting out your home, you'll want someone to tell you that a house is too big or too small or too expensive for your and your family even if you're already in love with it. 
And Alex is that someone and more. He will be your friend. 
In Greater Vancouver, there are over 10,000 realtors, but there is only one MYBCREALESTATE & one Alex I know and respect and trust. They said detail is devil. I totally agree. Alex is someone who attends to every single devilish details, with his work, his families, his friends, his co-workers, his daily life, so does he, with every single properties of yours.
Sophie Sautet


Esther (Yun Fang ) Lin

Dear Alex and Moe


Thank you for all your efforts and help renting my house.


Best Regards.


Nikta Bayanpour

North Vancouver

Thank you very much. you are truly great to work with.You always go the extra mile once again Thank you

G. Ludvik

Happy Chinese family Newcomers to Vancouver
Canadian Korean home owners
잘 지내시고 있나요?
당신이 우리에게 세입자를 소개해 주신 지도 벌써 시간이 많이 흘렀네요.
처음에 Alex씨와 연락을 했을때, 누구라도 그러하겠지만 저 역시 많은 사람들을 소개 받은 후였었지요.   내가 아끼며 살던 집을 누군가에게 빌려주는 일이 처음이라서 여간 조심스러울 수가 없었답니다.  더구나 캐나다라는 곳이 렌트를 하고자 하는 사람 위주로 돌아간다는 말을 들었기 때문에 걱정이 더욱 커질 수 밖에 없었지요.
그럼 Alex씨를 비롯한 여러사람이랑 만나고 나서, 내가 다시 당신께 연락을 한 이유는 무엇이었을까요?  지금 생각해보면 당신이 제게 준 '보호'받을 수 있을 것 같은 느낌이었나봅니다.  어쨌든 나의 그런 느낌 때문에 지금과 같은 인연이 시작 되었네요.
이사나갈 시기를 정하고 당신이 데리고 온 가족들은 정말 누구를 골라야 할지 모르게 모두 제 맘에 들었습니다.  집을 고른다는게 그 가족들에게도 큰 일일 것이기에 데려온 아이들에게 보여주는 그들의 모습 모두에서, 그 모든 가족을 동시에 선택 할 수 없다는 안타까움이 제게 가장 큰 괴로움일 정도였으니까요.  그리고 그들의 신용이나 다른 문제들을 미리 조사해서 제게 조언을 준 것에 대해서도 정말 고마움을 느꼈습니다. 
 제가 할 수 없는 일이라서 당신을 고른 것이긴 하지만 그래도 자신의 중요한 일처럼 처리해 주는 것은 당신이 자신의 직업에 대한 어떤 책임감을 가지고 있는지 알 수 있는 것이었으니까요.
우리 식구가 집에서 나오고 새로운 사람들이 이사를 오는 그 과정에 당신이 얼마나 꼼꼼하게 일을 처리했는지는 계속 옆에서 보았기때문에 잘 알 수 있었습니다.  생각보다 할 일이 많았다는 것도요.
처음 집에서 문제가 발생했을때에도 신속하게 고쳐주는 등의 일을 처리해 주어서 저나 세입자 모두 만족하고 있다는 사실은 잘 알고 계시죠?
지금의 세입자가 얼마나 더 그집에 살는지는 알 수 없지만, 제가 다시 그 집으로 돌아갈 여건이 되기 전까지는 세입자가 계속 필요할 텐데, 전 언제나 당신깨 연락을 하게 될 겁니다.  또 다시 지금과 같은 좋은 세입자를 만나기 위해서 말이지요.
다른 한국인들이 저와 같은 경험을 하게 되었으면 좋겠습니다.  얼마나 많은 사람들이 세입자와 곤란한 경험을 했었는 지를 들어  알고 있으니까요.  혹시 저와 같은 도운을 필요로 하는 친구가 있다면 당신의 번호를 알려드릴께요.  당신이 마치 오랜 친구처럼 나를 대하면서 열과 성을 다한것처럼 제 친구들한테도 꼭 잘해주시리라 맏습니다.
Alex, 당신의 사업이 지금처럼, 아니 지금보다 더 번창하게 되길 기원할께요.
다음에 보게 될때까지 건강하길,
North Vancouver 의 Sunny

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